Passion bar

Every moment counts

An hour has 60 seconds; there are 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year. You can not change that.

But can you count all the precious moments in your life? That number depends only on you.

Time has become the most valuable currency and you yourself choose how you’re going to spend it.

If you’re striving to achieve the perfect balance between responsibilities and pleasure, then you are aware of the fact that every moment counts.

You know that there's time for focusing on investing in the future, as well as time for enjoying the here and now.

You know there’s always the right moment for getting work done, joining the get-together, feeling the music, or for enjoying a perfectly tasty meal.

That is why, recognizing the importance of a perfect balance in life, Staropramen has been offering you the delight of enjoying a perfectly balanced beer since 1869.

Let's enjoy together and turn all our hours and minutes into precious moments.

Your Staropramen.