The special connection between Prague and beer

Time Out, the renowned traveling publication, recently voted Prague the most beautiful city in the world, according to 27,000 respondents from across the world. All we can say is that we are lucky to call this place our home.

Part of the inner beauty of Prague is most certainly the beer many visitors seek. Rare is a city of such beauty, charm and magnetic attraction that is so close to great natural resources as Prague is.

To the southeast lay the great barley fields of Moravia, where the original pilsner malt, Haná, comes from. The soil in this part of Czechia is so fertile that it has seen many rich harvests throughout history. Pilsner malt, being more than 90% of the malt bill in most of our beers, is responsible for the full flavoured taste, great beer body and the deep golden colour of our premium lager.

Eighty kilometers to the northwest is Žatec, one of the most famous hop growing regions in the world. As we mentioned many times before, Žatec has a long history of hop growing and is the home of the famous noble hop, Saaz, that we absolutely love to use, just as the farmers love to grow. Hops are a peculiar, somewhat stubborn kind. If the conditions are not to their liking, they tend not to develop the desired chemical profile that affects the beer aroma and flavour. Žatec for many reasons has a great influence on hops, let's just leave it at that.

The vicinity of these essential products immensely affected brewing in the best way possible. Among many things, more than a century and a half of brewing elevated the local beer culture to a whole new level. Simply said, this city truly cares about beer. They are inseparable.

Just like a great beer, Prague dazzles you with its looks, but what really attracts people to this place is what lies beneath.