Discover how beer is made in Staropramen brewery



This unique mixture needs to be held at certain temperatures known only by the brewers for the certain period of time to extract sugars from cereals into wort for alcohol production in further steps of brewing.
unmalted cereals
hot water
The mixture
Mixture of malt, unmalted cereals & hot water is called mash.
... from liquid part (sweet wort) by filtration. After filtration this wort is pumped into a boiling kettle.
... we need to separate solid parts (milled malt and cereals)...
After mashing (holding mash on certain temperature for certain period of time)...
Hops is added
Boiling kettle wort boils on temperature of 100C for certain period of time for certain period of time. During this process brewers usually add hops.  Time of hop addition is secret of every brewer because it creates its unique flavour and aroma. While boiling on 100C, WORT is also being sterilisied and concentrated. 
Cool down
When boiling is over, we need to cool down our wort on yeast working temperature.
After cooling
yeast is pitched ( added ) into wort and fermentation starts.
Beer ferments
for one week
in special steel tanks
Beer after fermentation is called green beer. It takes time, up to
a couple of weeks
to age or mature in a process called
cold aging or cold maturation
This process takes places in rooms with very low and stable temperature, in isolated tanks.
Beer is ready
When cold ageing is over, our beer is ready for consumption. Beer after cold aging is unfiltered and cloudy, so if you want to have nice, gold, transparent beer you need to filter it in order to separate remaining yeast cells.
Final production stage is filling
Beer in bottles is stored in crates or boxes and then stored in warehouse under controlled conditions.
Beer in kegs is stored in warehouse under controlled conditions.