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Beer Snacks Recipes

Beer and beetroot Battered Cod fish, almond mushy peas, Double cooked truffle Fries

Battered Cod fish


1. Make batter, with mixing all ingredients with a whisk in a mixing bowl, let its rest 20minutes, so the yeast can be activated
2. Boil chicken stock, add peas and cook for 2 minutes then with a fork mush all peas with a fork and add cream, and season with salt, pepper, espelette pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Add peeled almonds to finish.
3. Peel potatoes, and start to cook slowly starting with cold water, add salt into the water. Cut potatoes into chunky style chips, and cook until soft. Once cooked drain, and heat oil  to 180 degrees celsius, and slightly cook longer the fries. Until its starts be golden colour. To finish, in a mixing bowl add minced truffle and shake the fries to coat up with the flavour.
4. Season the raw fish the dip into flour and then the batter, fry it in 180degrees hot oil.


100ml Beer
80gr Flour
20gr chick pea flour
5gr yeast
3gr beetroot powder

100gr Cod fish fillet
30gr Peeled almonds
100gr frozen peas
Salt, pepper to taste
30ml cream
100gr chicken stock
10ml extra virgin olive oil
1pinch of espelette pepper

1l sunflower seed oil
200gr potato
30gr Minced truffle paste