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Three books to get you (additionally) excited about beer

Reading about beer is like dancing to music reviews. It can be an enjoyable experience but it is not the real thing. The world of beer is extremely rich and in order to combine your intellectual thirst with the love for beer here are a few titles we suggest for your summer reading. We highly recommend reading these books with a cold Staropramen in one hand. It is a challenge to do so without.

Michael Jackson’s Great Beer Guide – Michael Jackson

The late Michael Jackson (not to be mistaken with the famous pop star) was also known as the Beer Hunter. He is probably the most famous beer writer of all time. His enthusiasm for beer was unparalleled and he spent his entire life researching the rich history of our favorite drink and presenting it to the world. His work helped significantly improve the image of beer as one of the best drinks ever made. The Beer Hunter was one of the first writers that categorized beer according to style. This book provides a great overview of various beer from all over the world. Staropramen Černý made the list which was, and still is, a great achievement we are extremely proud of. Michael Jackson got people excited about beer when beer was not so popular like today. This is the legacy of beers biggest fan.

Tasting Beer – Randy Mosher

If the work of Michael Jackson introduced the rich world of beer, this book will dig a bit deeper into the world of flavor, aroma and beer appearance. This is a book that can be revisited many times, as your own taste palate involves. Besides tasting, this book explores various beer styles, food and beer pairings, and even has a section dedicated to beer cocktails.

How To Brew – John Palmer

If you want to take your love for beer to another level, homebrewing is the logical next step. Homebrewing has been around for few decades now, and thanks to the wonders of Internet it has spread worldwide. John Palmer managed to put together an ultimate guide that firmly stands the test of time, where an amateur can learn how to combine water, malt, hops and yeast and brew the world’s greatest drink.