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Brewing inspiration

Inspiration exists in all walks of life. Usually it is associated with art, photography, film and writing. In some cases it is easy to spot and in others it is carefully disguised, only to be revealed by the artist himself (if even that).


Brewing is both art and science with the inspiration part being most similar to art. The idea of moving things forward, challenging norms and creating excitement always pushed both artists and brewers forward. 


Sometimes inspiration can come from a deep personal belief, like when the supporters of Martin Luther decided to brew beer with hops instead of gruit (a mix of herbs used instead of hops). This very act sent a strong message against the church monopoly on brewing ingredients and along the way changed the course of brewing history. Forever. 


Staropramen history is a showcase of inspiration leading to lasting results. Our brewmaster Michael Trnka approached brewing like a true artist, finding inspiration in various sources. When he brewed the famous Desitka, he challenged the norms of brewing that existed in 19th century Prague. Instead of brewing a stronger beer, he opted to create a lighter, yet full flavoured beer. For his Granat beer the trigger was to create a beer using a combination of malt that would give the beer a distinctive, ruby red color. How good was his idea? The beer was brought back in 2000 and stands the test of time as well as anybody.


With the new agricultural developments in hop and malt production, brewers are surrounded by opportunities to create exciting beer. It is only a matter of exploring how far their inspiration can take them.