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The founder of the Rumour Restaurant, Hungarian Chef Jenő Rácz started his cooking journey around the globe at a young age, learning from some of the best chefs in some of the most iconic gastronomic destinations such as London, Copenhagen and Singapore. After a lot of many hours spent in kitchens all over the world, he became an expert in many different culinary techniques and was invited to support a new restaurant opening in Shanghai, which was awarded by the Shanghai Edition of Michelin Guide only five months after they opened their doors. 

In 2018 Jenő returned to his homeland and starred as a coach and member of the jury in Hungarian cooking TV shows. In November 2020 he opened his own restaurant in the heart of Budapest and now he is here to share the culinary wisdom and teach you how to prepare the best snacks that will pair perfectly with your favourite Staropramen. 

Enjoy his recipes here or on Staropramen social channels. 


Fish and Chips

Are you fishing for some new delicious recipes to go with your Staropramen? Chef Jeno Racz is here to assist with preparing the fish. Try this fresh combination of beetroot battered cod fish, mashed peas cooked in chicken broth and truffled potatoes. For the best experience: try to recreate the fish dish, share it with a friend and serve with Staropramen.

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Asparagus has many benefits but the one we like the most is how well it tastes when you pair it with Staropramen. Shake up your snack game with Chef Jeno Racz and try this combination of white asparagus, Serrano ham, parmesan foam, grilled honeydew, and popcorn salt. Seems a bit risky? Be brave and take the risk to create something truly exciting.

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Chef Jeno Racz number one cooking rule: always taste test! Just don't get carried away and eat it all, because this combination of steak, exotic Staropramen glaze and carrot textures will definitely get your mouth watering. For that extra crisp fry the green leaves and garnish your snack.

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